Friday, September 09, 2005

Fuel. Again.

I must write in regarding gas prices. This morning dropping my daughter off at school, I was almost hit twice by Evansville drivers. This after being hit in January, thankfully without either of my children riding with me.

People are wondering what to do about fuel prices. Maybe daddy Bush will cap the prices or something. Econ 101 instructs us that this will most likely lead to shortages, lines, and rationing. Perhaps he can invade someone who has oil. 2000 soldiers and 200 billion dollars later, I am not sure we have achieved greater energy security.

The government should not do anything about gas prices. They will only make the problem worse. We the people need to treat it like an economic problem and respond accordingly. Some people are already doing that. Many working folk in Evansville get around on their feet and on bikes and on motorcycles. Many middle class people do the same. But apparently a significant portion of the town can’t be bothered to respect their rights on the road. Bikes are to be given the same rights and responsibilities as any other vehicle. Look it up in the driver’s manual they give to 15 year olds.

We Americans have confused the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Cheap gas is not a birthright. Economic, political, and social freedoms are. Overconsuming on credit cards, home refi’s and new trucks are not a responsibility. Wise choices regarding our families and our budget are.

We might get what we deserve, even if it is not what we expect.

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