Thursday, May 18, 2006


We gradiated em!

We graduated a great senior class this year. The ceremony was marked by a speaker who said he would be brief, but wasn't, girls who haven't worn anything but flipflops for three years tottering at the top of the stadium steps in heels, and the usual scripting for such an event.

It would have been sad, but I didn't really get to see my favorite students. Lost in the crowd, I didn't see the ones I would miss. I did see many students though, and I am happy to see them moving on in life. It's also fun to meet all their parents, quietly proud, and looking like the grown-ups these kids will grow into.

The ice road picture is apt for graduation. Where's the road going? Could be to some exotic little island. Could be to some prison where you're trapped the rest of your life. The road itself is half the experience, and you're not sure at all whether it will hold, or drop you and your vehicle into the icy depths below. Sounds like life. Good luck grads.

As I stated earlier, when the graduation ceremony doesn't move you at all, it might be time to look for other work.

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