Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ice Road


Anonymous said...

My name is Tom Castille and my family has had a summer cottage on Madeline Island for over 100 years. I really enjoyed your paper of 03/2004 on "Sites of Conflict on a Tourist Island". I found it while searching for (exhorbitant) property tax info. The sociology and economics of the Island is always intriguing. As "Summer People", we have our own way of loooking at things. There is also division among us as New and Old Summer People. I've gotton some dirty looks at the Bars around town (I know them well), but never any confrontation. I don't usually mention that I am a "summer person" for fear of that possibility. Anyway, I'll be at the Island from June 30 through July 5. I'll buy you a beer at the Burned Down Cafe if I see you.

Michael said...

Hey thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Unfortunately we are moving house one week earlier to Philadelphia, so I don't think I would be up there then. But I might try.

Perhaps we've met. I spent a lot of time up there betweem 1997 and 2002. Mostly summers but a few weekends over the winter as well. My current job is too far away though.

I agree, the island presents numerous interesting issues that are fun to ponder. I ended up writing quite a bit about the place.

Thanks for reading.