Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Thanks Pat

It does appear that at least a few interesting things are going on, relating to structural issues.

The first is the subprime banking collapse. This would seem to have the potential to cause some serious trouble. The cheerleaders say all is well. I am not sure I believe them though.

Another interesting tidbit is an investment letter that has been pushing water infrastructure. Apparently, 2006 was a record year in terms of sewage leaks and sinkholes, and 2007 is on track to be another record year. The water and sewage infrastructure is 60 years old in a lot of cities, with a design life of 50 years.

And just today, another sinkhole swallowing million dollar homes in LA.

So, the things that I think are interesting may be showing some movement. Of course, any of these things will also take some time to play out. Wait and see.

And Brittney lost custody of her least 'uns.

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Pat Mathews said...

Re the subprime banking collapse - I strongly suggest you read up on the economic patterns of the late 1850s and the late 1920s. Draw your own curves and your own conclusions.

For myself, I'm socking my money into infrastructure (windows, doors, repairs) and trying to learn to live very, very prudently. Aided by a dim memory of the lessons drilled into my head by Depression-survivor parents.